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Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW! Bibs!

Seriously, these are the best bibs EVER!  Kid you not... E.V.E.R!  They catch practically everything & what they manage to miss, you can wipe up super easily!
They tie on bandana style, making them ADJUSTABLE!  That might just be my favorite part... got a big baby, no problem... little baby, again, no problem.  This fits ALL babies... AND TODDLERS!  I hated how when my son got bigger, all his bibs were too small... Not going to be a problem for my sweet little princess though!  We've nipped that problem in the bud!

Tons of colors/fabrics to choose from.  Great gift idea too!

$12 each or 2 for $20

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm so excited to team up with Hilary from H.A. Pearce Photography though the end of the month!
If you make a $20 Funky Dot purchase you'll receive a FREE mini sesson
with H.A. Pearce in downtown Clayton.

Make your purchase soon to take advantage of this amazing offer!

Tutu Fun!

10" black & white wreath.  Perfect for dressing up any occasion/holiday!  The wreath is $30, add in a reversible sign & it's $40.  (Sign shown is Halloween/Christmas)

Tutu Cute Wreath - perfect for a little girl's room/door!

14" wreath - pink, green, white with a sparkly "dream" hanging in the middle $45

Argggg! Beware!

Holy Hairbows!

Tons of new hairbows to show you!!!

Super cute!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How many more days....

I decided to make this cute little sign to STOP all the questions about how many more days until we go to the zoo... lesson learned, don't spill the beans about something fun until MUCH closer to the actual date of said fun event.
It hasn't completely curbed the questions, but it has added in some number identification into our evenings :)  That's a good mommy bonus - cute sign PLUS learning our numbers!  Go me :)
This adorable "days until" sign can be in any color with black chalkboard on the ends... you'll get SO much use out of this!  Order yours today :)

Pretty, pretty princess!

A room sign for a pretty princess' room

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Your Car.... a little something different!

Want a cute plate for the front of your car?
Want something fun for your golf cart (I sure do!)
Want your initials on your car but want something different?

I am IN LOVE with this polka dot decal!  Who wants the boring
old everyday solid colored decal when you can have polka dots,
animal print, BRIGHT solids, & much, much more to choose from!!!
Plates come in TONS of solid colors, polka dots, zebra print,
houndstooth... I could go on!
Ask & I'll give you LOTS to choose from!

Contact me for pricing!

More hairbows & new headbands!

Lots of new hairbows to share with you today!

Super cute ladybug! 
This is on one of the new headbands.  These are perfect for big or little barrettes!

Black & white bow

Hot pink & sassy!

Orange flower - perfect for children & adults!

Fun green & pink with flowers

Pretty rose

Hot pink & black - you can't go wrong here!

Gotta love zebra print!

One of my favs!  A zebra print rosette with a silver center.
This is shown on a red small headband.
New headbands!  Great for big or small clips!

Sweetest (& cutest) model EVER!  She's totally available to model your products too :)

Contact me for pricing!
Custom bows/colors available!!!

Personalized Teacher Sign

Totally LOVING this sign! 
Miss E is a teacher that loves what she does... wish there were more like her out there!

The quote is a little hard to read in photos ("Your work should be in praise of what you love" - Emerson)

Fur, zebra print, lime green & hot pink... what more could a girl ask for!

Contact me today to create a sign for yourself or someone special!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flower Pot

Totally forgot to add this super cute HOT PINK & blue polka dot flower pot!
Pictured - 12" with bottom coaster - $20


4" pot - $5

6" pot - $8
8" pot - $12
10" pot - $15
12" pot - $18

**add $2 for bottom coaster**

New Hairbows

More to come....

Who doesn't love elephants?!

How sweet is this little elephant?!
Want a name on it?  No problem!
Personalized for an extra $5

Super FUNKY wreath

LOVING this!
Pictured wreath is 12" ($35)
Also available in 18" ($50)
Let me know what colors you'd like for your new wreath :)

New personalized signs

For a little boy's room

For a teacher

Signs are 12x12 & completely customized!

Hold all of those hairbows with this....

So fun & an adorable addition to any little girls room!
Just let me know what colors you'd like!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HAIRBOWS!!! New prices :)

"Splash of color" set
6 total clips

"HOT pink!" set

5 total clips

 Singles $1/set - create your own sets!
Lots of colors to choose from!


Tulle poofy bows - $3 each


Poofy bow + clips  ($3 for poofy bow, $1 for each set of clips)

Large Ribbon bows $3.50

Funky Ribbon clip $3.50

Small Ribbon bows $2.50

Corker set $4
(corker bow $3, clip set $1)

Small flower bow set $3
(small flower bow $2, clip set $1)

 You can mix & match any of the above to create your own personal combination set!
Above are just a few of the ones made, there are many different ribbons to choose from.
Let me know if you're looking for specific colors or types of bows!
 Feel free to contact with any questions!