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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ECU birdhouse

Loving this birdhouse!!!

Pirate Power (ECU that is)

So, I'm a Wolfpacker, but I might have to become a Pirate after doing this adorable flower pot (& birdhouse to come in next post) for Natasha!

4" pot - $5
6" pot - $8
8" pot - $12
10" pot - $15
12" pot - $18

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That's MY cup!

My husband drinks Pepsi... I do NOT! 
 It's always an awful shock when I pick up what I think is my cup, take a sip, then realize it wasn't mine!  Here's our solution:

Now we always know which cup has tea, which has chocolate milk, &
which has Pepsi (or some other soda I don't want to taste!).

Set of 4 personalized cups - $5

(**NOTE:  These cups CAN NOT go in the dishwasher. 
They must be washed by hand, in warm soapy water.)

Summer fever

I think I've caught the fever!  It happens every year around this time... after a trip or two to the beach, I can barely make it through the day without dreaming of the sand, the sun, the sounds of the waves (somehow I'm able to block out the thought of the occasionally screaming child that is often attached to my leg & the loud people outside my window at 11pm).
This cute sign takes me to the beach, where you ALWAYS have at least a little sand in your flip flops at all times!
Sign is 12 x 4.


Finished 2 mailboxes this past weekend.  I think they turned out great!  Here's pictures of them before they were mounted on their posts.  I'll try to get new pictures of them soon.

Mailboxes - $25 if I purchase the mailbox, $10 if you supply your own

Special Order flower pot

What a sweet idea!  This flower pot was a special order for a new grandma. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming soon....

Working on a mailbox...  Hope to have it done by this weekend!  Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

Clemson/State - birdhouse divided

Special order Clemson/NC State birdhouse.

Turned out so cute!  Hope it's enjoyed!!!

Who's your family fighting over???
Birdhouses $15

Family Name

I'm loving this sign I made for... MYSELF!  It's 12" long, about 6" tall.  Many different color choices.  $15

Up & cutting with my Cricut!

So excited to finally be getting some things done with the Cricut!  Put this cute little saying up on Luke's door - totally perfect!  I have a ton of great sayings for your kids, babies, different rooms in your house. 
Obviously prices for the vinyl quotes will vary.  Once you figure out what you want it to say & how big you want it, I can figure out a price.  Something about this size would cost $15.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New ADORABLE birdhouse

Just finished this ADORABLE polka dotted birdhouse for my mom's BFF :)

Birdhouses $15

Just Chillin'

It's HOT out there!

Whether you're hanging out by the pool or just grilling out on the porch you've got to keep your drinks cool.  This cute little tub can do just that.  Put in the ice, your beverage of choice & you'll be livin' the good life :)

(Bucket could say whatever you'd like, ex. your last name, fav sports team, etc.)

Ice Bucket  $7

Wall Flower

Check out this cute wall letter!  

This particular letter is brown with white polka dots & a big yellow flower!  How adorable!!!  Lots of other colors/patterns to choose from!

Hangs by a ribbon, hidden from sight.

Wall letter with flower $10

Today's posts, brought to you by the letter J....

You know when you go somewhere & take a Tupperware container full of yummies?  You know how if it doesn't all get eaten you just leave your container there?  You know how you never seem to get that container back?  Not anymore!!!  Check out this cute little monogram!  You can personalize your Tupperware!!  Make sure you always get your stuff back by marking your territory  :)  
Initial label $5

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pretty Pictures

Fun & funky, as promised.  3x5 picture frame, lime green with wild white pattern.
Other colors available!


Pack planter

Woo Hoo!  Finally got my cricut! 

To celebrate, let's Back the Pack with flower pots :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Appearance is EVERYTHING!

Whether you're an excellent baker or just an average "cook" (& I use that term loosely) like me, arriving at a party or get together with this cute cake holder will definitely get everyone's attention!

Cake Carrier $12

Rock Star

Sometimes you just want to party plant like a rock star!  You can do that with this cute little flower pot!  This particular pot is 4", but you can have stars (or circles, or hearts, or fish....) on any size pot!

4" pot - $5
6" pot - $8
8" pot - $12
10" pot - $15
12" pot - $18

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not just for the kiddies...

So the initial plaques can be for us big kids too!  With a more "mature" background this little plaque can be hung somewhere besides in the kids rooms!  Just let me know what colors you'd like & I can work something out for you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Coming soon....

Lots of new stuff to come soon... just got my new Cricut!!!!  So excited to start cutting some vinyl!  Check back soon to see what I'm cutting! :)

Tweet Tweet! Some new birdhouses!

Two new birdhouses

One - super girly!  Fun colors for fun birds :)

The second - for the more "crabby" feathered friends :)  Weathered beach look.

What's your letter?

Super cute hanging initial.  For a boy or girl!  Approximately 12 inches in height.  Any color!


A little less girly...

 Suprisingly almost everything I've done has been a little on the girly side... kinda odd since I have a BOY!  Today I worked on two "boy" items.  You've seen both of these before, but I put a less polka dot-y, less pink spin on them.  Here's a personalized name sign I did for a little boy named Richie.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

I also worked on a more "guyish" initial plaque.  So cute with the beachy car background!  Of course, cars aren't the only thing boys love... we could use robots or just a pattern that's not so "fru-fru."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flower (pot) Power!!!

The flower pots inspire me to plant something pretty! Both pots are hand painted. The green one has vinyl dot stickers, the black one has hand painted dots & initial. Both options are available. Vinyl letter will be available soon.

As always, pick your colors!

Now.... if I could just get something to grow....

Flower pots (prices vary by size)

4" pot - $5
6" pot - $8
8" pot - $12
10" pot - $15
12" pot - $18

Another birdhouse!

Growing up, my family ALWAYS pulled for Carolina. We were die hard Heels fans... after all, my dad is a graduate of UNC. Then it happened. I got accepted to & attend State. (GASP!) The world as we knew it changed!We were a house divided! If there was a Carolina game on, we rooted for the Heels. If there was a State game on, we pulled for the Pack. But what happened when State played Carolina????
It was total chaos! You had to cheer when UNC did something well AND cheer when NCSU did something well (which, let's admit it, sadly isn't often).
The only benefit, you were never upset by the outcome of the game. "Our" team (be it State or Carolina) always won when they played each other :)
So, now it's not just our house that's divided... the birds have joined the chaos too!

This is just how our house split. How did yours divide???

Birdhouses $15

Inital Wall Plaque

Adorable wall plaque! This one was done for a little girl, background is fun & cutesy. Could be altered to cater to little boys or even older, more mature (aka the age where they're talking or texting all the time) girl (or boy). Could also use a more sophisticated background/color combination for your living room/kitchen/etc & put the initial of your last name on. Endless possibilities!
As always, different colors/patterns/ribbons are available!

Initial plaque  $8

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Re-Tweet

Your outdoor feathered friends need a hip hangout! Help them relax with this Sweet Re-Tweet!

This birdhouse is fun & beachy! If that's not the style of the birdies that frequent your house, we can do something else. Maybe they like to vacay in Paris? Maybe they love the snow? Where ever your little flying friends want to chill, I can make it happen!

Can be mounted on a post or can include hanging rope.

Birdhouses $15.00

Friday, June 4, 2010

House Numbers

My house has no numbers to let people know they've got the right house :(
(And I need to be sure the pizza guy is not giving the neighbor my pizza!)
This little hand painted sign lets our visitors know they’ve come to the right place!
Pick your colors.

House numbers  $8

Personalized Name Sign

Hand painted name sign. Any color available. This one has a cute little birdie, but could do other designs.
Hangs by hidden picture wire or visible ribbon.

Name sign  $8-10 (depending on length of name)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Way to the Beach

The beach, the lake, whatever your favorite place. With this cute sign everyone will know which way to YOUR favorite spot!

Can be hung with hooks, picture wire, rope or ribbon.
Colors customizable.

Location sign  $8