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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another birdhouse!

Growing up, my family ALWAYS pulled for Carolina. We were die hard Heels fans... after all, my dad is a graduate of UNC. Then it happened. I got accepted to & attend State. (GASP!) The world as we knew it changed!We were a house divided! If there was a Carolina game on, we rooted for the Heels. If there was a State game on, we pulled for the Pack. But what happened when State played Carolina????
It was total chaos! You had to cheer when UNC did something well AND cheer when NCSU did something well (which, let's admit it, sadly isn't often).
The only benefit, you were never upset by the outcome of the game. "Our" team (be it State or Carolina) always won when they played each other :)
So, now it's not just our house that's divided... the birds have joined the chaos too!

This is just how our house split. How did yours divide???

Birdhouses $15


  1. So cute! Can you do a TN Volunteers one? Maybe put some quotes from "Rocky Top" on it? I notice there's no price ... does that mean it'll hurt my feelings? :)

  2. Ha! I'm working on prices today. If you're interested, I can do a TN one. I'll have to look over "Rocky Top" to see the words (I have no clue!) unless you have some in mind.